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Brembo Pads

Brembo Sport Pads and Discs




Designed and tested for predominantly performance-oriented street use, Brembo Sport HP2000 brake pads represent the first upgrade level for any braking system.

The upgrade within reach of every car.
These products have been created for drivers with sporty ambitions and, more generally, for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of their car.
These pads boast levels of manufacturing quality and advanced materials that only Brembo can offer. They offer outstanding performance even without warming up and at low speeds, thanks to a specific friction material that ensures constant friction at all temperature ranges. In addition to enhanced performance, this material also ensures outstanding quietness and reduced disc and pad wear.

Excellent performance in all situations.
Brembo Sport HP2000 brake pads also offer exceptional brake pedal precision, for total control of the braking force. While they work best at temperatures between 200 and 300 °C, they can withstand much higher temperatures - up to 600 °C - and are designed to deliver both superlative performance and satisfactory levels of comfort. These are therefore the ideal brake pads for drivers who demand the best from their brakes, even during everyday use, and are even more effective if used in conjunction with the appropriate Brembo discs.

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The one-piece slotted or drilled discs of the Sport range are available for all the most widely sold models of car, whereas Turismo floating discs with an aluminum hat are only available for certain particularly high performance models.


Reliable on the road, superior on the track.
The discs of the Brembo Sport range are ideal for enthusiasts who use their vehicles for both normal road use and more performance-oriented driving. With their advanced characteristics, these discs combine the advantages in terms of durability of the best street discs with superior performance suitable for moderate track use.

More flexibility and durability, at all temperatures.
For greater versatility and to increase their ability to withstand extreme stress, Brembo Sport brake discs are made from high-carbon cast iron for improved thermal and mechanical resistance. They also feature exclusive pillar venting technology, which improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock by over 40%. Cross-drilled and slotted finishes are designed and executed with meticulous precision. These holes or slots in the braking surface help dissipate heat and eliminate brake dust and gases.

Every Brembo product is designed in relation to the specific performance requisites. The discs of the Sport range are specifically designed to minimize thermal distortion and disc warping even in the most severe operating conditions. As a result, they ensure outstanding braking power in both everyday traffic and the most extreme high performance driving, yet are easily accessible to all enthusiasts.

Immediate, consistent braking in all conditions
The unique cross-drilled or slotted finish is another exclusive Brembo feature which improves braking consistency by dissipating the heat generated and gas released as the pads come into contact with the discs, keeping the pad surface both cool and clean. Both cross drilling and slots interrupt the water film forming when driving in the wet for improved brake response. This effect is most evident with cross-drilled discs, due to the different solid/hollow ratio of the surface and the possibility for water to flow through the ventilation holes.

Eye-catching looks and total compatibility.
All the discs of the Sport range are zinc plated, which improves corrosion resistance and also gives the car a more aggressive look.
In spite of their exclusive characteristics, the Brembo Sport discs are the same size as the original equipment components, are fully compatible with the standard calipers, wheels and other components of the vehicle, and are also simple to install. However, all high performance Brembo discs are more durable and offer greater comfort if used in conjunction with the appropriate Brembo pads.

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Floating discs with a rotor in high carbon cast iron and a hat in billet aluminum.
These discs are the same size as the original equipment parts and have been specifically designed for total compatibility with the standard calipers, wheels and all other original components of the vehicle.
With a hat in aluminum alloy, the floating disc system reduces unsprung mass, for improved handling, and thermal stress. The mounting system is engineered to permit a greater degree of both radial and axial float.
Available as drilled or slotted versions.

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