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The benchmark in technology and quality.

A warm welcome to the world of BILSTEIN: a name which, for over 50 years now, has been synonymous with the highest level of quality in suspension technology. Countless national and international motor sports successes with BILSTEIN products at the wheel and “Best Brand“ media accolades can all testify to this. As part of their serial development, the world’s most renowned automotive brands place their trust in the innovation and quality of BILSTEIN suspension technology. As a result, we have been able to offer tailored shock absorbers and suspension technology for a number of cars over recent decades – whether for timely and efficient repairs, suspension optimisation, or the high demands of motor sports. Here, you can get a detailed insight into our world and range of products - but the only way you can truly experience BILSTEIN is to set off on your first journey and savour the feel of BILSTEIN products at the helm. We hope you enjoy it.


High-Performance Shock Absorbers
Anyone who has experienced our high-performance shock absorbers knows how much more powerful their vehicle can be. Whether you’re engaged in sporting pursuits or frequently driving with heavy loads, BILSTEIN’s “yellow range“ will take your vehicle further than you ever thought possible.

Sport and Threaded Ride High Adjustable Kits
Experience a new dimension in sportiness with BILSTEIN's sport suspensions and threaded ride height adjustable kits. With an individual appearance, a tailored approach and driving characteristics that can be moulded to suit your demands, you can enjoy every street, every curve and every metre of tarmac.

BILSTEIN Clubsport
The BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit is a fully street-legal, TÜV-certified high-end coilover package that is also designed for uncompromising use in the fields of racing and clubsport. The suspension combines the tried-and-tested BILSTEIN mono-tube gas pressure technology with the highest levels of engineering from the field of motor sport.

BILSTEIN Technology
The world’s foremost automotive brands put their confidence in our quality. Why? Because we develop and series-produce suspension components in collaboration with our partners from the automotive industry. By placing your trust in our experience too, you’ll be opting for the BILSTEIN driving experience when you exchange your suspension components.