Motul Engine Clean Auto

Manufactured by Motul

Special cleaner for all 4-stroke motorcycle engines with or without wet clutch. Deposits and residues produced by operation are reliably dissolved in the entire oil circuit. Aggressive residues produced by combustion are neutralized. The dissolved residues are removed from the engine with the waste oil.

Packaging: 300ml can

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ApplicationMaintenance and Care
Packaging300ml can
Product RangeCar, Motorcycle

The result of the cleaning is a significant improvement in compression. The cleaned engine receives with the new engine oil optimum performance for powerful operation. Oil consumption and wear are reduced. Improved exhaust gas emission values protect the environment and the catalytic converter.

Motul Engine Clean, added to engine oil before draining, allows to :

  • reduce the wear
  • decrease oil and fuel consumption
  • increase compressions on all cylinders in the same way
  • decrease exhaust pollutants emissions
  • evacuate deposits, varnishes and other combustion residues from sensitive areas such as hydraulics lifters or piston grooves and rings
  • take maximum benefit of fresh oil which will fill engine after draining
  • increase catalytic converter’s and DPF’s lifetime



Before each oil drain, add in the engine a can of Engine Clean to hot used oil. Let the engine run at idle for 15 minutes. Drain the oil and change the oil filter.

The content of one can is sufficient for an oil capacity up to 5 litres. For higher capacities, 60 ml of Engine Clean is to be added per additional litre of engine oil (over 5 litres). Do not exceed the recommended proportion. If necessary, proceed to 2 successive treatments.

Combined with DIESEL SYSTEM CLEAN or FUEL SYSTEM CLEAN, Motul Engine Clean provides a very appreciable reduction of pollutants emissions to pass Vehicle Inspection.